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Mancini Realty Long Beach Island (LBI) NJ

Mancini Realty, the premier agency for Long Beach Island real estate. With over 30 years in the LBI real estate, LBI
rentals and LBI construction industry, we have been a key real estate brokerage on LBI.

Long Beach Island real estate can be one of the most valuable pieces of property in the state and even the entire country. From the 18 miles of beautiful, white sandy beaches to the historic charm of communities like Beach Haven and Barnegat Light; Long Beach Island real estate values have increased significantly as more people discover our little lovely island.

So, what is Mancini Realty’s role in the Long Beach Island real estate market?

Client Satisfaction. Period. Point blank. We strive to provide our clients with the most personal and professional services as can be obtained. Our agents are willing to go above and beyond for all of our clients; and we really mean it! We are not your typical corporate entity looking at you as just another number. All of our agents have created sincere and long lasting relationships with their clients. Many of these clients have been ours for decades!

How well are the houses built by Mancini Custom Homes?

Come see for yourself! You can’t go many places on Long Beach Island without seeing a few of our homes. In fact, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, our most recent built oceanfront home in Beach Haven sustained no damage. Not even flooding. That’s right, nothing!

So, while many other homes were being flooded or even being destroyed, our homes remained basically untouched!

I think the choice is pretty clear. Mancini Realty and Mancini Custom Homes is the best agency/builder for your Long Beach Island real estate needs. Just ask yourself; Do I want the same old service or cookie-cutter house? Or do I want personalized service at all levels which will adhere to any and all of my needs?

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Beach Replenishment Will Begin in September 2014