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One of the most common questions we get asked when building a home is about kitchen countertops.  The three most popular types are granite, quartz, and marble.  For kitchens, granite and quartz are more popular and for bathrooms, granite and marble are more popular.  In this blog we will  break down their characteristics so you can make the best choice for your home and lifestyle.

What are they?

Marble and Granite are both natural stones with each slab being unique in design (nature-made).  Marble is known for it’s veining and Granite for it’s wide variation of colors and uniqueness.   Granite is an igneous rock and is one of the hardest surfaces on earth.  Marble is a metamorphic rock containing crystallized limestone and is a softer stone.  Quartz is a combination of natural stone and resins.  Crushed granite is mixed with resins and dyes (for colorations) to make quartz.

How Durable are they?

Granite is considered the most durable of the 3.   Granite is solid and stain and heat resistant.  It can withstand heat associated with cooking or serving food, and doesn’t show water marks. It’s difficult to break, crack or scratch with normal wear and tear.  Granite does need to be sealed every year to enhance it’s luster and lifespan.

Marble is the softest stone of the 3.  It is the most porous and sensitive to chemicals and staining.  Sealing every year is a must as is being careful with hot objects and spilling.  There are two types: Carrera & Calcutta.  Carrera has the old world charm that is either white or blue-gray marble with soft veining.  Calcutta is white with more distinctive taupe veining.

Quartz is hardest of the 3 stones.  It has a non-porous surface so it doesn’t need to be sealed and is heat & stain resistant.  The non-porous surface inhibits bacterial growth and won’t scratch.  Quartz comes in bright, vibrant colors that can be flecked or even toned.  There is more structure to its patterning and comes in different thicknesses.

Costs between the 3:

Generally speaking, Marble is the most expensive with Quartz being the next and Granite being the least expensive of the three.  Choosing a countertop that matches your lifestyle and design concept can be slightly overwhelming but we can help guide you with your decision making.  Mancini Custom Homes is a full service construction company.  Call us today for more information on building on your own lot or ours: 609.492.2256

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