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Why LBI is the Perfect Summer Vacation…

Why LBI is the Perfect Summer Vacation

Through my years of living on LBI full time & part time, there is something I always hear from residents and visitors, there is no place like LBI.   It is not only beautiful & clean, it refreshes the soul and restores serenity in our chaotic worlds.  I have lived here full time for over 10 years and each and every time I go over the bridge (to come home), I finally feel I can breathe.  No matter the weather, I put my window down and just breathe.  This is why LBI is the perfect summer vacation.

My kids (all adults now) grew up here in the summers and always asked, when are we going back home? I would say you are home and they would say no the beach house, that is home!  And that is the magic of LBI and why it is the perfect summer vacation.  Our family and so many others have made great memories that last a lifetime.  Whether on the beach or sitting on the front patio or taking a walk or bike riding, they remember all of it with a smile.  They felt free here and I felt they could be kids here.  Of course they knew the safety rules, but they were allowed to do so much more here and just be kids.

As an adult, I enjoyed watching my kids have fun and enjoy their time here.  And I enjoyed the peace it brought me.  Many people also describe it as shaking off the stress of everyday life.  The ocean air, the sunrises & sunsets, the beautiful afternoon breezes, the white sand…the list goes on and on.  LBI is also a healthy place to vacation.  There are so many outdoor activities to do: surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, boating, sailing, tennis, pickle ball, the list goes on and on.  Make LBI your perfect summer vacation!

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Want to create your own LBI masterpiece? You can if you build your own home. Full and partial customization is available using your plans or ours – on your lot or ours. Mancini features only the best in LBI new construction. Waterfront properties are available!

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