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Mancini Custom Homes: Only the Best in LBI New Construction

If it is your dream to build a Long Beach Island custom home, you’re in the right place. The Mancini family has built more than 1,000 custom homes since 1954.

During this time, we have seen trends, fads—even storms—come and go. The one thing that has stood the test of time has been our ability to consistently build distinctive, eye-catching homes that can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at us.

Location is everything in LBI real estate. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for incredible waterfront and waterview locations on which to build. When we find a location that meets our stringent requirements, we purchase it to ensure that we have a constant flow of appropriate locations for homes we build.

There are several ways we can help you to realize your dream of a custom LBI home. The best part? We put you in control because you can choose the level of customization that works best for you and your specific situation!

Mancini Custom Home Construction on Your Lot

If you already have a lot, Mancini Custom Homes can make your custom LBI home a reality. You have plenty of options here: you can bring us your plans or we can create plans for you—it’s your choice. Either way, you’ll wind up with a custom home built to your specifications on your lot.

Mancini Semi-Custom Home Construction

Mancini Custom Homes is constantly on the lookout for the best buildable lots. When we find them, we tear down existing homes and begin the painstaking process of creating a Mancini masterpiece. If you choose to purchase a custom home that is still under construction, you have the option to direct the customization of incomplete construction items. This can give you a semi-custom home with the amenities you want… while shaving weeks—even months—off the normal building process!

Buy a Completed Mancini Home

If you’re interested in an LBI home with a great location and impeccable build quality, an already completed Mancini masterpiece might just be the right LBI home for you. Like everything we do, already completed Mancini homes offer high-end finishes, quality craftsmanship, and other features and amenities you would expect to see in a Mancini home. Fast closings are available, which enable you to move into your own Mancini home as soon as you’re ready.

Mancini Custom Home Construction – Regardless of whether you have a lot of your own or you’d like Mancini Custom Homes to build on one of our lots, custom home construction lets you maximize your design options. We can work from your plans and talk with your architect to ensure that your home is built to your precise specifications… or one of Mancini’s skilled architects can help to make your LBI custom home a reality.

Regardless of the option you choose, Mancini Custom Homes works with you to ensure that you’re thrilled with your new home…

What’s the best way for you to experience the best in quality LBI home construction? That depends on you and your preferences. Do you need to move into your new home quickly? Or do you demand customization options?

What's Your Home Worth?

If asked the value of their LBI home, most people miss the mark – by guessing too high or too low. Real estate values can change quickly. The best way to know how much your home is worth is to get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). If you’re thinking of selling, this is a crucial first step in getting your LBI home sold.

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Want to Rent Your LBI Home?

Does your LBI home sit empty most of the time? Your home can help earn its keep… as an LBI rental. Mancini makes this an easy, hassle-free process. Do you know how much your LBI home will rent for? The trick to getting your home rented is to set the right price…

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Build Your New LBI Home

Want to create your own LBI masterpiece? You can if you build your own home. Full and partial customization is available using your plans or ours – on your lot or ours. Mancini features only the best in LBI new construction. Waterfront properties are available!

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