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Tips on Choosing Finishes for your New Home

Tips on Choosing finishes for your new home

Building a new home can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  This is your home, every nook and cranny has been designed by you and the finishes are the icing on the cake…they are what everyone will notice about your new home! Working with an interior designer or decorator is very helpful but in the end remember this is your home and dream and don’t be afraid to show your personal style!

  1. Research: Most people have an idea of a style they would like (modern, victorian, beach, rustic, etc) so look through design magazines, Pinterest, or Houzz to gather ideas and organize your vision.  Creating a vision board can be helpful visual tool.  It also helps to start deciding on a color scheme for the house as a whole or individual rooms also helps to define your finishes.
  2. Focus: This is where it can get overwhelming if you don’t focus or narrow down your likes and dislikes.  There are literally thousands of choices to choose from plumbing fixtures to kitchen design to lighting fixtures to bathroom choices, so decide what is important to you and narrow down your choices.  Try not to get caught up in details that might not be as significant for you, like the type of electrical outlet covers or the guest bathroom fixtures.  Make a list of what is truly important to you and focus on those details.  Yes, you have to decide on guest bathroom fixtures but maybe that is a room you don’t have to overly stress about.  Sometimes simple is the best.
  3. Limit: At some point you have to take the hundreds of ideas and pictures and limit them down so you can make a timely decision.  Looking at choices that are within your budget is very helpful and will eliminate idea that are out of reach financially.  By limiting your choices, it will become easier to decide.
  4. Budget: Sticking to your original budget can feel harder as time goes on.  Keeping track of your budget, your expenses, and your wish list is the best way to stick to your original budget.  Your builder or designer is a good resource to help you to decide on what might be better to splurge on and where you really should stick to your budget on.
  5. Timeframe: Limit your decision making time.  Having decisions linger makes it tougher to make a decision.  Limiting yourself helps to make more cohesive decisions and keeps the anxiety down.  Your choices will be more consistent if you make them within an allotted timeframe and this will make it less overwhelming.

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